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Technology Issues - Important Information

  • On-Line - Technology Help Desk:
    • All student hurdles should be reported in this manner.  The Student "Technology Help Desk" form is the first step to most technical issues.  The form can be found on each school's website under the Student Life menu.  Students or family members (of our younger students)  can fill out the form. Our Student Technology Hurdle Resolution team checks the form first thing every morning and throughout the day.  This is the most effective way to resolve issues.  Our team will redirect students to the F2F Support Clinic or escalate the issue to the appropriate team member if needed.  At the bottom of the form is the Bilingual Assistance notice to ensure that all of our students can find the help that they need.
  • Face-2-Face - F2F Support Clinic:
    • The face to face Support Clinic runs on Every Tuesday and Every Thursday that classes are in session in any of our buildings.  The clinics are held in MHS front foyer twice a day every Tuesday and every Thursday that school is in session from 7:00 am until 10:00 am and from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm.  The clinic is Face -to-Face and ALL Covid precautions are in place including limiting the number of individuals in the MHS front foyer. Due to the required precautions in place we try to limit these sessions to the devices that must be repaired in person.  Please direct the students to fill out the On-Line - Technology Help Desk form.  One of out Student Technology Hurdle Resolution Team members will escalate the technology hurdle to the appropriate team member or clinic.