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Bully Reporting

The objective of the Bully Buster Crew (BBC) program is to empower students to STOP BULLYING behaviors. Our motto is “NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE”. It is a prevention and intervention program designed to address and decrease bullying at Strong Middle School. We have seen measurable success already by the decrease in office referrals and an increase in the number of students attending the BBC meetings. Every student is sent home with a Parent/Student compact at the beginning of the school year that must be signed by both parties; promising a commitment for a safe school.
At the beginning of each school year, the School Social Workers and Counselor go into all of the classrooms to talk about bullying and the effects of bullying. The classroom presentation takes place in October during Bully Prevention Month, and is approximately 45 minutes long. At the end of the classroom presentation every student is given an anonymous survey about bullying. The students are asked if they feel (or have felt) bullied at school and they are also asked to identify bullies in their grades. Students who are identified as a bully are placed in a 6 -week skills group (with parent permission). The groups are all led by committed staff members who volunteer their time at lunch once per week. In addition, as a preventative means, we have bi-weekly Bully Buster Crew meetings with 7th and 8th grade students (during lunch) to learn how to prevent bullying and promote a positive school environment. These students have to apply to be a Bully Buster Crew member by completing a form, getting 3 teachers’ signatures, and maintaining a C or above in all classes.