6th and 7th Grade Camp Update

Dear Families of 6th and 7th Grade Students,
After much effort to overcome many obstacles, we are saddened to let you know that we have had to cancel Camp 2022. 
There were many factors that went into this decision, but the most compelling were due to recent staff shortages at Camp leading to a shortened trip (from 5 days to 3) and a cost increase. 
Every year, the teachers spend a great deal of time fundraising to offset Camp costs. With the limited fundraising opportunities that this year has presented and the cost increase, we will not be able to go to Camp. 
Any funds that were raised by students this year can be rolled over to the potential Washington, D.C., trip next school year.
The increase in the numbers of COVID infections throughout the district and state was also at the forefront of our decision. It is very difficult to plan a trip like Camp when we are not sure of the direction of this situation. The health and safety of students is always an important factor of consideration.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. McWilliams.
6th Grade Teachers
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